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Preparing for the CompTIA N10-008 exam can be a challenging task, but with the help of Dumpsbox, you can achieve a brilliant success in your certification journey. Dumpsbox offers a reliable and comprehensive solution to assist you in your CompTIA Network+ preparation, ensuring you are fully equipped to pass the CompTIA Network+ exam with flying colors. Dumpsbox provides an extensive range of exam materials that cover all the topics and concepts included in the N10-008 exam. Their study materials are designed by experts in the field, ensuring accuracy and relevance to the CompTIA Network+ exam syllabus. With Dumpsbox, you can be confident that you have access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources for your CompTIA Network+ exam preparation.
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N10-008 Test Sample Questions:

A small office is running WiFi 4 APs, and neighboring offices do not want to increase the throughput to associated devices. Which of the following is the MOST cost-efficient way for the office to increase network performance?


Add another AP.


Disable the 2.4GHz radios.


Enable channel bonding.


Upgrade to WiFi 5.

Enable channel bonding.

A network administrator is trying to identify a device that is having issues connecting to a switchport. Which of the following would BEST help identify the issue?


A syslog server


Change management records


A rack diagram


The security log

A syslog server

Which of the following protocols will a security appliance that is correlating network events from multiple devices MOST likely rely on to receive event messages?




Session Initiation Protocol


Secure File Transfer Protocol


Server Message Block


After a firewall replacement, some alarms and metrics related to network availability stopped updating on a monitoring system relying on SNMP. Which of the following should the network administrator do FIRST?


Modify the device's MIB on the monitoring system.


Configure syslog to send events to the monitoring system.


Use port mirroring to redirect traffic to the monitoring system.


Deploy SMB to transfer data to the monitoring system.

Modify the device's MIB on the monitoring system.

A systems administrator is running a VoIP network and is experiencing jitter and high latency. Which of the following would BEST help the administrator determine the cause of these issues?


Enabling RADIUS on the network


Configuring SNMP traps on the network


Implementing LDAP on the network


Establishing NTP on the network

Configuring SNMP traps on the network

Which of the following technologies provides a failover mechanism for the default gateway?










A user is having difficulty with video conferencing and is looking for assistance. Which of the following would BEST improve performance?


Packet shaping


Quality of service


Port mirroring


Load balancing

Quality of service

Which of the following OSI model layers is where conversations between applications are established, coordinated, and terminated?








Data link



A network administrator is talking to different vendors about acquiring technology to support a new project for a large company. Which of the following documents will MOST likely need to be signed before information about the project is shared?


BYOD policy








A network technician was hired to harden the security of a network. The technician is required to enable encryption and create a password for AP security through the web browser. Which of the following would BEST support these requirements?










A network switch was installed to provide connectivity to cameras monitoring wildlife in a
remote location. The organization is concerned that intruders could potentially leverage
unattended equipment in the remote location to connect rogue devices and gain access to
the organization's resources. Which of the following techniques would BEST address the


Configure port security using MAC filtering.


Manually register the cameras on the switch address table.


Activate PoE+ on the active switchports.


Disable Neighbor Discovery Protocol on the switch.

Configure port security using MAC filtering.

A network engineer performs the following tasks to increase server bandwidth:
Connects two network cables from the server to a switch stack
Configure LACP on the switchports
Verifies the correct configurations on the switch interfaces
Which of the following needs to be configured on the server?


Load balancing




NIC teaming



NIC teaming

A network administrator wants to reduce overhead and increase efficiency on a SAN. Which of the following can be configured to achieve these goals?


Port aggregation


Traffic shaping


Jumbo frames


Flow control

Jumbo frames

A network technician is configuring a new firewall for a company with the necessary access
requirements to be allowed through the firewall. Which of the following would normally be applied as the LAST rule in the firewall?


Secure SNMP


Port security


Implicit deny


DHCP snooping

Implicit deny

Which of the following ports is commonly used by VoIP phones?










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